No matter what type of business you own, we can find creative and effective solutions that are tailored specifically to you:

  • Charitable Organizations– Accept Donor initiated contributions via your website, as well as payments for event registration.
  • Government & Utilities – Accept electronic payments for tax collections, fines, court cost, permits, and utility use with recurring bill payment tools via telephone and the internet.
  • Healthcare – Accept electronic payments at checkout and schedule payments plans with patients.
  • Internet – Accept customer initiated payments via your website.
  • Lodging – Accept electronic payments via telephone or internet for guest registration plus integrated POS solutions including interfaces with most property management systems.
  • MOTO and Business-to-Business – Accept electronic payments over the telephone or through mail order for product & service deliveries.
  • Property Management – Accept electronic payments for rental properties via the internet with an online and recurring bill payment tools.
  • Recurring Billing – Schedule payment plans for customers and allow for online bill payment via your website.
  • Restaurant – Accept electronic payments anywhere in the restaurant including Pay-at-the-Table.
  • Retail – Accept electronic payments at your store.
  • Small Ticket/ Large Ticket – Accept electronic payments regardless of your unique business requirements even with small or large average transaction amounts.
  • Supermarkets – Accept electronic payments to speed up checkout time and improve customer experience.